2020 Combined Campaign Co-Chairs

Jennifer Demmerle VP, Finance and Business Services x4709

Jerry Hourigan Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer x4706

Angela Johnson VP, Access and Completion x4213

Ronna McNair Chief of Staff/Exec. Assist to President x4855

Andy Pegman Associate Professor, JFSC Chair x2360

Jody Wheaton Executive Director, Client Solutions x5867

2020 Combined Campaign Site Coordinators


Joe Bianchini Coordinator, Funding Opportunities x5143

Brittany Pearsall Concierge x4887

Eastern Campus

Sonja Elekhtaby Manager, Adjunct Services x2335

Denise Milhollan Liaison, Community Relations x2384

Jerry Sue Thornton Center

Nancy Farinacci Manager, Event Planning x4087

Linda Jayne Architect, User Experience x4839

Metropolitan Campus

Jeanetta Roby-Autrey Asst. Dean, Access & Completion x4241

Diana White Project Manager-Writer x6155

WCED/Corporate College®

Alethea Ganaway Program Manager - Manufacturing x4424

Shirley Stineman Executive Director - Workforce x2316

Geraldine Weiser Director, Client Bus. Development x2977

Western Campus

John Hausman Liaison, Community Relations x5495

Bridgitte Matchett Admin. Assistant, Pres. Office x5131

Nicci Panza Office Assistant, President’s Office x5130

Westshore Campus/CCW

Kerri Caine Manager, Counseling x5916

Monica Starks Lecturer, Sociology x5355

Integrated Communications

Kristin Broka Director, Marketing Integration x3526


Brian Krejci Director, Treasury Management x4735

Tom Rafferty Manager, Payroll Services x4746

Laura Szabo Analyst, Payroll Services x4749